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Readers Love Countdown

“[Countdown] has a striking scrapbook feel, with ingeniously selected and placed period photographs, cartoons, essays, song lyrics, quotations, advertisements and “duck and cover” instructions interspersed through the narrative. References to duct tape (then newly invented), McDonald’s and other pop culture lend authenticity to the phenomenal story of the beginnings of radical change in America.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“This story is sure to strike a chord with those living through tough times today.” — Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)

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“Wiles scores with both context and character.” Chicago Tribune

“The larger story . . . told here in an expert coupling of text and design, is how life endures, even triumphs, no matter how perilous the times.” — The Horn Book (starred review)

“Many readers will find this on their own, but adults who read bits and pieces aloud will hook kids, who’ll eagerly await the next installments.” — Booklist (starred review)

“An extraordinary new book. . . . Put this middle grade novel on your MUST read list.” — Lynn Rutman, Booklist Online/Bookends

Wiles has created a new way of experiencing history in the pages of a novel. Her achievement makes this book a must buy for school libraries all across the country regardless of age.” — Ed Spicer, SpicyReads

“Whatever it is, I loved it.” — Monica Edinger, Educating Alice

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