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One Wide Sky

Art by Tim Bowers

Lullaby music by Jim Pearce

“The visual and verbal elements weave together all the components into a kind of sunlit tapestry. . . . A fitting tribute to the pleasures of a perfect day.” —Publishers Weekly.

“From the huggable cover illustration clear through to its end, this comforting bedtime lullaby will hold you in its grasp.” —Children’s Literature

A Children’s Book of the Month Club book


One wide sky

Two clouds glide by

Three songbirds sail the air

Four fir trees over there

Five feathers from a nest

Six zinnias bloom their best.

A perfect day of backyard adventures unfolds and then slowly comes to an end. Moonlight fills the sky. Time for a soothing lullaby. Count down to bedtime with three lively boys all wrapped in warm kisses, and two mischievous squirrels who are snuggled up close, as they finally drift off into sweet dreams … under one wide sky.

Picture book, counting book, and lullaby, for all ages.

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