Hello, readers! ANTHEM, Book 3 of the Sixties Trilogy, publishes on October 1. Each of the book’s 47 chapters begins with a song from the Sixties to set the tone, mood, and scene. Every day between now and October 1, come have a listen and read a snippet from each chapter.

Chapter 1:

Written by Terry Kirkman
Performed by the Association
Recorded at Western Recorders, Hollywood, California, 1968
Drummer: Ted Bluechel, Jr. (concert)/Hal Blaine (studio)


“It’s been so long since I’ve felt something. You know how it is when your heart splits open. Blood spurts everywhere. You can slap your palms to your chest, you can clutch at your breast, but your heart won’t be held. It struggles away from you, away from further damage. It won’t be held, I tell you… “

You can find the complete list of ANTHEM songs at its playlist on Pinterest, as well as on Spotify, thanks to Sara Lehman Ralph’s good work.

You can also find, in Scrapbook 1 that begins the book, “Come Together” by the Youngbloods, “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” by Timothy Leary, and “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” by Gil Scott Heron. See Sara’s Spotify links to hear them.

Tomorrow, chapter 2, when we meet Norman… who likes a completely different kind of music. :>