A pause in the song-a-day, chapter-a-day posting about ANTHEM in order to make sure I save this at the blog… I’ll put it on Kent State’s dedicated page here at the website, as soon as we have it available.

I have an interview up with Scholastic’s Ambassador of School Libraries John Schumaker, at his blog Watch-Connect-Read, about KENT STATE and ANTHEM, here. 

It was a pleasure to do this with Mr. Schu, and I so appreciate his questions. See what you think. The interview served as a cover reveal for KENT STATE as well:

It still takes my breath away. The designer is Elizabeth Parisi at Scholastic. Wait until you see the inside pages.

ANTHEM publishes October 1 — this fall — and KENT STATE comes right on its heels, on April 21, 2020. More on KENT STATE as we get closer to its publication… and you can read all about it now, at Watch-Connect-Read.

xoxo Debbie